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what your customers are really saying?

Customer experience is an emotional language.

With millions of customer conversations spanning voice, chat, email and social, it’s harder than ever to manually derive meaning from them all. 


It’s time for things to change.


ALTO, created by the team at Artisiam enables your business to understand every customer interaction by using next generation A.I. coupled with our unique methodologies which have been developed by industry thought leaders.

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Intelligent Managed Analytics Service

The partnership of Artisiam and Sentient Machine brings new levels of insight to customer conversations regardless of complexity or media.

Even silence speaks volumes.

The ALTO approach and AI-driven machine learning not only improves your current customer experience, but allows you to adapt and morph your own processes to the actuality of customer behaviour. 

Our series of unique algorithms allows you to drive a continuous cycle of: 





This methodology highlights pain points and rapidly 'heals' broken process areas where customer needs are not being met.


Analyse every interaction

Instantly derive customer sentiment from 100%​ of voice & text interactions automatically via A.I. powered STT.

Our next generation AI can distil meaning from even the most complex of customer interactions.


With accurate speech to text conversion we can understand emotion, analyse sentiment and

automatically discover unknown customer conversation topics.

Even where silence occurs in a conversation and how long it lasts has meaning to our algorithms.


customer experience



Track agent compliance

Measure agent compliance against regulations and company processes across every interaction.

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Visualise analytic information

Highly detailed graphics-based management information allows rapid access to insights such as sentiment, call intent and call transcripts at even the most granular levels.

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Manage interaction quality

Ensure accurate management of quality

metrics against set company standards.


Support for multiple languages

Optimise your business across any continent with our rapidly adaptable A.I.

Self-healing CX webinar bytes

Take a look at the most important soundbytes of our recent Webinar Series on how we're using AI to understand and change customer interaction.


Data Bias: small word big problem

Overcoming data bias 

(Practical demo)


It's how you say it

Understanding customers (practical demo)

Discover the potential of

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Powered by Sentient Machines

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